Climate and Weather

Japan has four distinctive seasons and the weather can vary considerably depending on the time of year and the region you are visiting. Kyushu and Shikoku in the southern part of the country both enjoy relatively mild winters where the temperature rarely falls below 5c. While in Hokkaido, northern Japan, the barometer may drop below -15c during the months of January and February. In contrast, Hokkaido enjoys pleasantly warm and comfortable temperatures in the summer and, as such, is a popular destination for those who wish to escape the hot and humid weather, much of the rest of country has to endure.

Spring (April, May, June) and autumn (September, October and November) are by far the most comfortable seasons to visit Japan when average temperatures range from between 15 and 23c. The rainy season arrives in southern Japan around the beginning of June and usually lasts for more than a month, moving slowly northward before eventually ending in northern Honshu in early July. Rain is not continuous but may last for several days in any one region.


Spring in Japan is best symbolised by the iconic sakura (cherry blossoms), which are usually in full bloom from between the middle of March to the middle of April, depending on the location. Spring


Summer is the season when the Japanese flee to the coast or up to the mountains to escape the humidity and oppressive heat of the big cities. Summer

Autumn Autumn is the season when visitors can appreciate the beautiful autumn foliage along the mountain ranges. Autumn

Winter Winter in Japan is when you can enjoy skiing at some of the best ski slopes in the world and relax at any one of the many beautiful onsens located in and around the ski resorts. Winter

Japanese-style rooms

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Japanese-style rooms will have tatami floors and so outdoor shoes may not be worn in them.

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Japanese cuisine

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Japanese baths

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