Japanese Rooms

In order to accommodate the increasing number of foreign guests wishing to experience traditional Japanese style accommodation, many ryokans now offer a choice of either western-style bedding or futon (a thin mattress laid out on top of the tatami mats).

Japanese-style Rooms

Japanese style rooms consist of tatami floor coverings ranging in size from 8 to 12 tatami mats and are suitable for between two and six guests.

The size of each tatami mat varies slightly between different regions, but on average one mat is 91cm x 182cm (1.66sq m).

Depending on the individual ryokan, rooms classified as "Japanese style" can range from traditional to modern style, but as a rule, Japanese-style rooms featured on the WheretostayinJapan.com site are usually the more traditional type.

Japanese/Western-style Rooms

These rooms are a combination of both traditional Japanese and western style, usually combining a section of tatami mats and an area that is carpeted or with wooden floor. The type of bed can vary from a futon on the tatami mats area to western-style beds. For more information, please check the details of each room.

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