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Do I need a visa to enter Japan?

Visitors travelling for sightseeing purposes do not require a visa if they are from countries which have a reciprocal agreement with Japan. These include:-

However, you must process a passport which is valid for the entire duration of your stay, a return air ticket and proof of sufficient funds to support yourself.

All foreign nationals entering Japan will be photographed and have their fingerprints taken; foreign nationals may also be subject to a short interview regarding their purpose of stay. Non-compliance will result in refusal of entry.

Do I need any vaccinations before going to Japan?

There are no compulsory requirements for foreign travellers from any countries regarding certificates of vaccination. Taking out health insurance is strongly recommended, as the cost of medical treatment for those outside the Japanese national healthcare system can be very high. You should confirm that your insurance policy fully covers travel to Japan before departure, as you will be expected to pay the full amount of any treatment you receive.

What is the best time of the year to visit Japan?

Each season possesses its own unique and special appeal. In the winter it is possible to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at some of the best ski resorts in the world and to experience the pleasure of bathing at one of Japan's many wonderful hot spring resorts. Cherry Blossom viewing in the spring is not to be missed. In summer, during the months of July and August there are many colourful festivals taking place throughout Japan. Autumn is the season when the entire countryside transforms itself into a remarkable array of orange, yellow, red and tinted golden colours.

Japanese-style rooms

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Japanese-style rooms will have tatami floors and so outdoor shoes may not be worn in them.

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Japanese meals

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Japanese baths

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